Travelling my way through a European Summer, camera in hand, this was the beginning of my love affair.
Memories, personalities, traditions, the unique, the sweet, the light, the dim, the sad & the delight. Because it's all of it. Photos - a mash-up of life's finest framed into one.
I’m, a creative, Cancerian and a sucker for cool, imagery & even cooler people.
I’m all in - camera in hand and you guys in mind. So, let’s combine our ideas for the love & art of it all & make the most of moments, friendship, imagination and most of all - love.
I want to hear all about it. Every last romantic, passionate, colourful piece of it. If this sounds like a bit of you, come and say hi, right this way.


This way to see full weddings from the beach to the bush and all the places in the middle.

We live by the sun we feel by the moon


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